Information about Swapsie


Welcome to Swapsie! 

Created during the Summer-2018-UK-heatwave-world-cup-extravaganza, Swapsie is an online platform which provides everyone with the opportunity to hire, sell, swap, give and share skills, services and hobbies. 

A little puzzled? Let's use football as an example (or soccer to you Americans out there!)

Maybe you'd like to get better at playing football? We have a number of people on the website who know a thing or two about kicking a ball who you can hire and improve your skills. 

Perhaps you want to sell football lessons? Advertise your services here and help turn our users into the next Zidane... Or at least a Grant Holt. 

Fancy swapping football lessons for piano lessons? Swapping is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills for just the cost of your time. 

You might want to give football lessons away for nothing? This is our pro bono feature that allows people to offer their service or skill without expecting payment. Great if you want to practice coaching or if you just want to give back.

Lastly we have our Social section. Think of these as our community listings. You can create a listing asking a question. Asking for help or assistance with something. You can find someone to join you in an activity such as going together to that new gallery exhibition. Or you can organise a group activity like a football match in a London park and get people involved. 

Whatever the skill*, whatever the service*, whatever the activity*  you can hire, sell, swap, give and share it here!

Go on, give it a try :)

*As long as it's legal... We don't want to be calling the cops on you anytime soon pal